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We perform major machine rebuilds and supply parts along with components to numerous operations. While working closely with our customers' equipment management personnel, we take great pride in our ability to extend major component life, thus lowering overall maintenance costs.

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Mining Machinery provides a well-equipped fleet of trucks to transport heavy equipment from location to location. Our specially designed trailers allow us to haul maximum loads in a safe manner.

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Mining Machinery component rebuild is another service that has proven invaluable. All rebuilt items are kept in one of our component distribution centers in Ashland or Hazard KY. These components are rebuilt, repaired and are in good working condition, ready to use. Upon request from the job site, Mining Machinery will deliver the new rebuilt component while the failed component is being removed. This whole process usually can be accomplished in an 8-hour time frame resulting in minimal down time. The failed component is then rebuilt and returned to stock.

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Mining Machinery manufactures specialized coal mining equipment at its Ashland Equipment Rebuild and Manufacturing area. The Mining Machinery Combination Fuel/Lube Truck is specially designed unit to reduce refueling and lube maintenance time. The Mining Machinery Water Truck is a specially designed vehicle to water haul roads on surface mines. The Mining Machinery Off-Road Lowboy is a specialized tractor built to haul track type equipment to different areas on a job-site to reduce relocation time and wear on equipment under carriage components.

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Another important service provided by Mining Machinery is that of major equipment rebuild. When determined, a major piece of mining equipment will be transported to our shop and completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired and painted. The end result is that of a like-new unit ready to return to service and provide maximum availability.


Mining Machinery offers field service to the equipment they provide. This can range from 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to an as needed basis. This service relates directly back to the major component replacement offered by Mining Machinery to ensure maximum machine availability.