Specialized Equipment

Mining Machinery builds several unique pieces of equipment: the Combination Fuel/Lube Truck, the Water Truck, and the Off Road Lowboy. All have proven to be invaluable to our customers in maximizing the efficiency of mining operations.

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Combination Fuel/Lube Truck

The Mining Machinery Combination Fuel/Lube Truck is a specially designed unit to reduce refueling and lube maintenance time. This unit is equipped with a 2500-gallon capacity diesel fuel tank, new product oil tanks of various types and weights, and storage for filters and supplies. The truck also has a vacuum recovery system used to recover all used oils. These units have proven to reduce preventative maintenance and refueling time.

Water Truck

The Mining Machinery water truck is a specially designed truck to water haul roads on surface mining jobs or construction job sites. We can modify various trucks to fit with different size water tanks to meet your needs. Mining Machinery provides all materials and labor to recondition the truck, mount the water tank and all pumps and controls.

Off-Road Lowboy

The Mining Machinery Off Road Lowboy is a specialized off road trailer to haul equipment to different areas of the job. The use of this heavy duty trailer saves relocation time and wear and tear on equipment and under carriage components. Mining Machinery can also build a specialized trailer for your specific needs.