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Mining Machinery has a large inventory of used, reconditioned, and new equipment parts primarily for Caterpillar equipment. We also have components such as engines, transmissions, final drives, clutches, wheel assemblies, brakes, buckets and blades.

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  2. The search is case insensitive.
  3. Part numbers do not require dashes and can include partial numbers.

For quotes please contact our parts department.
Phone: (606) 928-0419

We have parts for:

  • D11 crawler tractors
  • D10 crawler tractors
  • D9 crawler tractors
  • 992 wheel loaders
  • D8 crawler tractors
  • 777 haul trucks
  • 988 wheel loaders
  • 980 wheel loaders
  • 16H motor graders
  • 785 haul trucks
  • 16G motor graders
  • Excavators